Lift. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Hey, I'm Georgina. 21 years old. England. Runner. Lifter. Avid reader. Undergraduate student studying Sociology and Criminology.

I began power lifting (squats and deadlifts) around March 2013. Squats 10kg (23Ibs) and Deadlift 7.5kg (16.5Ibs) and then began barbell benching early November 2013 around 30kg (66Ibs).

I'm 5'7. I've only weighed myself once in a year and last I checked I was 170Ibs. Gained about 20 pounds (mostly muscle) in that year and regained my health.

Bulking Cutting

Squat PR - 80kg (176.3Ibs)
Deadlift PR - 82.5kg (181.8Ibs)
Barbell bench press PR - 45kg (99.2Ibs)

Goals: Squat 90kg (198.4Ibs) by May 14th.
Bench Press 50kg (110.2Ibs) by May 14th. Deadlift 90kg (198.4Ibs) by May 14th.

It's been a tough journey as I suffered with restricting, binging and being obsessed but that's the old me. I want to be strong and be the best version of me. I've come a long way in beating my fear foods and not counting calories anymore.

Beginner tips from my personal experience located at:

My Ask is always open


I’M HAVING FRESH RASPBERRIES AND STRAWBERRIES FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH. OH MY GOD. Cyprus doesn’t have them as they’re too expensive to import.

Gah I appreciate them more. Mhmmm. Get in me now.

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